Worldwide Military Baptist Missions began in the hearts of a wonderful couple who are affectionately known as "Pop and Mom" Woolston by service members who were saved and discipled under their ministry. Their love for those in uniform inspired the Woolston's to establish Military Servicemen Centers for Christ near military bases along the eastern coastline of the United States. Their vision was for military men and women stationed at these bases to be saved, baptized, discipled and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Their first ministry to the military began in 1965 in Newport News, Virginia, two blocks away from the Newport News Naval Shipyard and in close proximity to the Norfolk Naval Base. This location, near one of the largest ports in the world, gave the new “missionaries to the military” access to tens of thousands of military personnel from around the world. Their first convert was a young sailor named Allen. Each of the service members reached by the Woolstons was taken to Clearview Baptist Church where they were baptized, discipled and mentored.

Their vision expanded as more Military Servicemen Centers were opened at military installations under the auspices of their local fundamental, independent Baptist church. They worked in centers at Mayport Naval Base in Florida, Fort Lee in Virginia and Camp Lejuene in North Carolina. Over the years, the Woolstons won hundreds of soldiers, sailors and Marines stationed on these bases to Christ. “Mom & Pop” are still household names known and loved by thousands of service members whose lives were forever changed by their ministry.

It was at Grace Baptist Church and the Military Service Center for Christ near Camp Lejuene in Jacksonville, NC, where young Lieutenant J. Tyler Ryberg, USMC, was mentored and trained by Pop and Mom Woolston. They had an everlasting impression on him to be a “missionary to the Marine Corps.” Finally, 25 years after he worked with the Woolstons at Camp Lejuene, God called Colonel Ryberg out of the Marine Corps and into fulltime missionary work. His goal is to revitalize the Woolstons’ vision and mission to evangelize and disciple military men and women around the world through Worldwide Military Baptist Missions, a local church ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Belleville, IL.

The Rybergs

In September of 2005, Pastor R. Scott Baker, pastor of Faith Baptist Church, and Colonel J. Tyler Ryberg, USMC (Ret.) founded Worldwide Military Baptist Missions (WMBM) to carry out the Great Commission to the uniformed military forces of the world. Our vision and goal remains the same as Pop and Mom Woolston’s…for military men and women around the world to be saved, baptized, discipled and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

God's grace continues to sustain us as we seek to accomplish our mission of worldwide military evangelism. Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest will continue to raise up laborers and provide the resources to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the military men, women and families in our Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world. Maybe the Lord is calling you to the military fields that are ripe unto harvest. It would be a privilege to assist you in whatever realm of military missions or military evangelism ministry to which God has called you.

Worldwide Military Evangelism To The Armed Forces of the World