Worldwide Military Baptist Missions Is On A
Global Quest For The Souls Of Men & Women In Uniform

Church Planting The United States has 515 Department of Defense military bases and installations around the globe and boasts of a mobilization force of over 5,000,000 uniformed personnel. Communities near these bases are also full of veterans and retirees. Likewise, all 226 countries in the world have some sort of security or military force ranging in number from a few hundred to millions. This is our mission field.

Starting Military Service Centers under local church authority near bases assists churches both at home and abroad in developing a military evangelistic outreach. They are an ideal means to reach young, single military men and women with the Gospel of Christ. The Military Center becomes their "Home Away From Home" as they seek a loving Christian atmosphere and discipleship programs to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. Service Center

Veteran Therefore, it is our desire to reach military men and women and their families for Christ and disciple them in accordance with our Lord’s Great Commission. We do this by assisting local church missionaries whom God has called to accomplish our quest for souls of military personnel around the world.

Worldwide Military Evangelism To The Armed Forces of the World